Top Facts about Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia - 2

      Safety First: Ballooning standards are very rigorous… 

The ballooning companies in Cappadocia take safety very seriously. From pilot licensing to fleet maintenance to aeronautical expertise, the ballooning industry in Cappadocia is now more sufficiently regulated than ever. Ballooning does involve an element of risk, just like all forms of air transportation. There are a number of points to consider when deciding upon your balloon flight and what company to choose. Firstly, that the industry as a whole is working to reduce the dangers. For example, the decision as to when climatic conditions are optimal for safe flight is now decided by a central agency rather than by individual companies. Secondly, that all of those involved in Cappadocia’s ballooning industry- from booking agents to flight captains- are exceptionally experienced. Thirdly, hot air ballooning remains one of the safest forms of flying known to man, wıth the majority of in-flight problems still allowing for captains to make safe landings.

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