Hot Air Balloon Turkey - Touring Cappadocia from the air

Hot Air Balloon Turkey - Touring Cappadocia from the air

If you ever decide to get on a hot air balloon, here is a recommendation for you: Let the location be Turkey. Hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia Turkey are much popular - each day hundreds of balloons are seen in the air, be it winter or summer all year round.


Cappadocia Turkey is one of the most beautiful places on earth, known for its landscape and incredible rock formations. While wishing for a balloon ride, move your journey towards the unforgettable experience of Turkish plains. Cappadocia and other locations worth seeing in Turkey are home to colorful sunsets and sunrises.


No matter what kind of a tourist you are - an explorer or wanderer; Turkish beauty is for everyone.


The feeling of ascension or speed can be compared to non-other. Standing 1200 above the ground, in a small basket filled with strange faces, you glide over the country’s beautiful site below. And regardless of the unknown company, you feel a strange kind of comfort in the energy of the air.


What to expect

So now that you have decided to have a Hot Air Balloon ride in Turkey, here are a few things that you can expect from your journey in the air.



Note that the Turkey balloon rides are often restricted to the early morning time schedule. This is mostly because the sky is clear and there are less people around so you can have a full and complete view of the scenery. It may seem groggy in the beginning, but once you see the view you will forget what time of the day it is.


Talk with the Pilot:

Prior to your journey, the pilot would inform you everything that there is to the journey. The pilot will provide a brief of all the precautionary measures, things you have to be careful about. There are different sizes of the baskets, depending on the passengers it would carry. If you had a reservation for a family, you will probably have a basket to yourself or with another small family. Else, you will be placed among other individual tourists.


Watch the balloon inflate:

This is something you don’t want to miss. It is a part of hot air ballooning to see the baskets inflate. You will find pilots and other company workers engaged in the inflation of the balloons. It takes around 30 minutes for a balloon to fully inflate and rise. It is a one of a kind view.


The classic breakfast:

Before the flight of beautiful view, the show starts at the breakfast party. It is also the part of the package. You get to enjoy the breakfast with the rest of the crew, strangers, travelers and friends. Before the journey, nothing really seems strange and everybody enjoys the company of one another. Say hello to tasty pastries and a breakfast that it filled with the memories of serenity that you had while you were in the air.


Landing celebration and balloon flight certificate:

After landing as a tradition for hot air ballooners all around the world the balloon flight will be celebrated with champagne and flight certificates and medals will hand outed before you are transferred back to your hotels in the area.



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