Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia started in 1991 with a competition of professional hot air ballooners from all over the world. A European couple decided to settle in this unique area and hot air balloons started flying over Cappadocia since then with passengers.


At the moment Cappadocia is counted as one of the best places in the world to do hot air ballooning. With its unique landscape and amazing volcanic natural creatures; fairy-chimneys, valleys, pigeon houses and cave carved ancient churches Cappadocia has been welcoming tourist from all over the world. Almost 150 hot air balloons are rising every day over the skies of Cappadocia and 2000 people are enjoying this amazing experience regularly everyday weather permitting.


Hot air Balloons in Cappadocia are only allowed to fly just if the weather is suitable for a safe hot air balloon flight, otherwise its canceled for the day. All the companies have to obey the rule coming from the Turkish Aeronautical Association. If your hot air balloon is canceled do not feel sad, it is canceled because someone is thinking about your safety somewhere.


Best time for a hot air balloon to fly is the earliest moments of a new day before sunrise. The temperature needs to be at its lowest for hot air balloons to rise in the sky. Passengers will be picked from their hotels in Cappadocia one by one and will brought to main office for breakfast first as it’s not really good to fly with empty stomach. A light breakfast will be offered and then with the same van passengers will be driven to take off are which is already decided by the professional pilots of the hot air balloon company. Take off areas may vary each day according to the conditions of the wind to show as much as possible over Göreme National Park, UNESCO world heritage site since 1985.


The hot air balloon crew will finish their job while the passengers watch how a hot air balloon is filled up with air and fire. After the pilot teach his brief information about the hot air balloon flight, the passengers will be taken in to the basket and regarding safety the pilot will start to rise the hot air balloon over the skies of Cappadocia. During the flight, passengers will be informed about the valleys and other small villages around by the pilot and enjoy one of the most memorable times of their life for sure!


Depending on the Hot Air Balloon Ride program, the flight will take either 1hr or 1 and half hours in the air. While flying, the hot air balloon pilot will pick the best suitable place to land towards the end of the hot air balloon flight. Usually the landing is quite soft and gentle and more often right on the trailer. The hot air balloon crew will professionally collect the balloon while landing celebration is done by the pilot with a bottle of champagne as a hot air ballooning tradition from invention to present. After the celebration the pilot will hand out flight certificates and couple off family pictures will be taken. Once all is finished the mini Vans will be ready to drop off the passengers back to their hotels with big smiles in the face.


When coming to a hot air balloon flight please do not forget to; first fill up the batteries of your cameras and smart phones, second wear casual, third setting your alarms from the previous night!


Enjoy your flight.


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