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Up in the sky we go - with Hot Air Balloon Turkey


Cappadocia is a city of remarkable scenic beauty. It is a home to many of the world’s historical monuments and creations. Unlike many other countries, Cappadocia offers you sight to both architectural excellence and nature’s wonders in the form of volcanic eruptions that caused beautiful caves to open up, where people now dwell.


Turkey receives hundreds and thousands of tourists each year. And one of its great offerings to the tourists are the air balloon rides that allow them to admire the natural scenes of the world from a great distance.


Turkish hot air balloons are ideal for family trips, as well as friends and couples touring together. According to the requirement of the number of people, there are different baskets and sizes offered. For instance, a standard basket can carry up to 20 people and is ideal for individuals who are travelling alone. The standard basket allows you to enjoy the company of many strangers who often after the hour flight in the air become friends.


Other than the standard baskets are deluxe and private flights. The deluxe packages are appropriate for families that can take up to 8 people along. The private flight of 4 people however is for couples and best suited for proposals and anniversaries.


As the flight begins and as you rise up in the air, the world below becomes a mystery. You see how the volcanic eruptions, years ago resulted into beautiful caves. The residents of Cappadocia developed beautiful houses out of those caves, a scenery that is now regarded as “fairy Chimneys’. Not only that, the churches, the suits and the underground excavations is a must see sight.


In the one or two hour journey, you collect memories of a lifetime. The scenery of absolute magnificence makes you tremble at the beauty of God’s nature. What inspires you most in the hot air balloon is the fact that everything you see is free of any human intervention and is but simply a play of nature. In such a helplessness, and a world that is not in our control, people often let go of their stress and pain.


If you are planning to visit Turkey, hot air balloon ride in Turkey is a must. Book yourself in advance if you want to get a place in on that balloon. As famous as it is, there are high chances you will not find a seat for yourself in a short time span.

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